Project Description


Our state of the art trampolines are different than traditional trampolines and allow for more jump space. Our trampolines feature a padless design which eliminate certain hazards found traditionally. See below for more details.


Why Choose Jungle Jam’s Trampolines?


    • Traditional courts use pads to cover the steel beams that connect the trampoline beds. Our courts require no pads because our entire system is safely hidden beneath the surface. We have no dangerous contact zones that criss-cross throughout other parks.

    The Problem With Pads in Traditional Courts?

    • Pads in traditional courts provide a false sense of security because landing on them can still cause injuries.
    • Pads create dangerous criss-cross contact zones in traditional courts. Our padless system essentially creates one continuous jumping surface.
    • Pads are generally two inches above the traditional trampoline bed which can cause a trip hazard. Our padless system creates a level jumping surface, eliminating the trip hazard.
    • Jumping on trampoline beds can create a gap between the bed and the pad and it’s possible to get a foot stuck in the gap. Our padless system eliminates this gap.


    • There are no pads so the entire surface is open for bouncing – it’s all play area!
    • Our courts provide a more powerful bounce! Rather than a simple array of coil springs, our courts use a combination of Leaf Springs, flexible foam and coils to boost rebound – all safely hidden beneath the bouncy surface!


    • Open jump area that allows you to jump in any direction without pad interference.
    • One-of-a-kind construction provides a dynamic bounce.  


    • The preferred court for the Ultimate Dodgeball Championship.
    • Bounce anywhere gameplay eliminates trip hazards when moving around the court.
    • Wall-to-wall trampolines sets the stage for epic showdowns.


    • Adjustable rims that make it easier for all jumpers to experience a slam dunk!
    • Individual lanes give you the freedom to experiment your moves without interference.


    • Our professional air bag is cleaner than messy foam pits, which can harbor bacteria and create huge amounts of dust.
    • We have multiple lanes suitable for simultaneous jumps.
    • Jumpers can land anywhere on the air bag and the bag carefully cradles the body upon impact.
    • The air bag contains “fingers” which offer greater coverage and the design allows the air bag to reset itself quickly and minimizes the risk of catapulting or bouncing other jumpers off the air bag.


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Additional Information

• Jungle Jam cares about safety and cleanliness, therefore we’ve adopted a SOCK ONLY philosophy.
ALL GUESTS, including playing adults and spectators must wear Jungle Jam grippy socks. No shoes will be allowed in the facility. Open cubbies are available.
• Jungle Jam grippy socks are included in the Admission Price.
• Arcade game play sold separately.
• Previously purchased Jungle Jam Grippy Socks may be worn and admission for that individual will be discounted $1.00! Socks must be clean, with grippy intact and with no holes.
• Non-School Weekdays are priced the same as Holidays.
• A signed waiver must be completed for ALL GUESTS entering the facility whether playing or spectating. Minors must have a legal guardian sign a waiver for them.


• Military Discounts: 10% off with valid Military ID
• Group Discounts – 10 or more participants: $1.00 off each participant
• Group Discounts – 20 or more participants: $2.00 off each participant
• Group Discounts – 30 or more participants: Please Call For Rates



*Based on data provided by our manufacturer and received from a live operating facility over 18 months, compared to injury rates of an average padded trampoline system.