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Whom is required to sign the liability waiver?2021-11-22T16:39:07-07:00

EVERYONE is required to sign the liability waiver or have a waiver signed on their behalf, regardless of age and physical abilities. Even those individuals that will not be playing (spectators) must sign a waiver (i.e., grandpas, grandmas, uncles, aunts, etc.). If an individual does not have a valid waiver on file, they will NOT be allowed to enter. NO EXCEPTIONS. Waivers are valid for one year.

What are the Party Package prices?2021-11-22T16:41:25-07:00

We have three (3) options:

  • 10 Party Package is $300.00 plus tax
  • 15 Party Package is $435.00 plus tax
  • 20 Party Package is $585.00 plus tax
How much is the party deposit?2022-02-26T17:51:44-07:00

We require a 50% deposit to book the party.

  • 10 Party Package is $161.81 (this includes tax)
  • 15 Party Package is $234.63 (this includes tax)
  • 20 Party Package is $315.54 (this includes tax)
How many tables are reserved for each party package?2022-02-26T17:51:14-07:00
  • 10 Party Package reserves two 6-foot tables (12 feet total)
  • 15 Party Package reserves three 6-foot tables (18 feet total)
  • 20 Party Package reserves four 6-foot tables (24 feet total)
How many people are allowed with each package?2021-11-22T16:55:44-07:00

Due to the limited space available in the party area, the follow limits are placed for the parties:

  • 10 Party Package allows for 20 seats (20 wristbands: 10 children and 10 adults)
  • 15 Party Package allows for 30 seats (30 wristbands: 15 children and 15 adults)
  • 20 Party Package allows for 40 seats (40 wristbands: 20 children and 20 adults)
Will there be other parties occurring at the same time as my party?2022-02-26T17:51:02-07:00

Yes, we have an open party seating area and multiple parties will be sharing the space with you.

Do you offer private parties?2021-11-22T16:58:34-07:00

Yes, please call and talk with a staff member for current pricing and availability.

What is the cancellation policy for a party?2022-02-26T17:50:49-07:00

You must give us at least one-week advance notice to cancel the party. In the event you give us less than a one-week notice, you will forfeit your deposit. As you can imagine, we receive numerous calls for birthday parties and party space is limited. Once we book your party, you are reserving your space and we now can no longer reserve that area for other guests.

What is the upgrade policy if I need to add more guests to a party?2022-02-26T17:49:57-07:00

Party upgrades will be solely dependent on the amount and size of parties we have booked. If we are fully booked, we may not have the physical capacity to upgrade your package and add more guests. We will do our best to accommodate you, however, please keep in mind that multiple parties occur simultaneously, and each party may want or need to add guests as well.

What is the cost to upgrade or add more guests to a party?2022-02-26T17:49:45-07:00

Adding more guests will depend on the availability of space and cannot be guaranteed. (If you anticipate a large number of guests, it is recommended that you reserve the party package that will properly accommodate those guests.)

  • Each additional child is $30.00. This price includes one free adult with that paid child.
  • Each additional adult that will not be playing (spectator) will cost $2.99.
What if I have a small number of children guests and a large number of adult guests for my party?2022-02-26T17:49:31-07:00

Because the party packages are built around space availability, you may need to reserve a larger package in order to accommodate the large number of guests. For example, if you have 15 children and 25 adults, you would need to reserve the 20 Party Package because you have 40 total guests.

If I want to add more pizzas to the party package can I do it the day of the party?2021-11-22T17:11:47-07:00

Absolutely! We know that appetites may change at any given time! Just let the party host know that you would like to add on additional pizzas and we’ll simply add it to the birthday tab.

We’re having a themed party, can I bring in my own plates, utensils, napkins and table cover?2021-11-22T17:13:35-07:00

Yes, you can bring your own plates, utensils, napkins and table covers. We only ask that you let us know in advance so that we don’t set up your table beforehand. If you would like us to set up your table using your items, we ask that you bring the items the day before the party so that we can set up before your arrival.

Are we able to bring decorations?2021-11-22T17:14:31-07:00

You may bring decorations as long as they are limited to being placed on the tabletops. Unfortunately, you will not be able to hang anything on the walls or from the ceiling.

Do you make exceptions to the party decoration policy?2022-02-26T17:48:25-07:00

We will make exceptions on a case-by-case basis but these exceptions must discussed beforehand and will only be allowed once these exceptions are confirmed by Jungle Jam by email. We may require you to provide the email confirmation before setting up the decorations.

Who is responsible for setting up my party decorations?2022-02-26T17:47:53-07:00

Decoration set up is solely your responsibility. We will only set up the plates, utensils, napkins and table covers.

Can I open a tab for my guests to make additional purchases from the concession?2021-11-22T17:19:35-07:00

While we are not able to “open a tab”, once you know how much money you want to give your guests, we can add that dollar amount to the Jam Passes and your guests can use the Jam Pass as a gift card to make additional purchases. Please keep in mind that the money added to the card can be used at the admissions counter, at the arcade and at the concession stand.

Are children under one year of age included in the head count for parties?2022-02-26T17:47:37-07:00

No, children under one year of age will not be counted towards your guest limit. Everyone else will be included, regardless of age or physical limitations.

Can I bring a piñata?2021-11-22T17:21:37-07:00

Unfortunately, we cannot allow pinatas at this time.

How old do you have to be to reserve a Spectator Pass?2021-11-22T17:22:22-07:00

Spectator Passes are reserved for adults ages 18 and older.

Do I still have to pay the admission fee if I only want to play the arcade games?2021-11-22T17:23:19-07:00

Unfortunately, yes, you would have to pay the admission fee to enter the facility and play the arcade games.

Are the tickets and/or money stored on the Jam Pass good for future visits?2021-11-22T17:24:13-07:00

Absolutely! You can save the tickets and money you have on your Jam Pass for your next visit.

How can I use the money stored on the Jam Pass?2021-11-22T17:25:15-07:00

The money stored on the Jam Pass can be used at the admission counter, at the concession and in the arcade. At the moment, Jam Passes cannot be used online.

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